Landscape Design and Renovation

Is your landscape out of date or overgrown? Did you purchase a new home with a landscape that doesn’t represent your personality or personal taste? Let us give you an updated look with the level of maintenance that fits your lifestyle! Using the latest software, we can show you exactly what your property will look like before deciding and giving a deposit.

Starting price for Landscape Design and Renovation is $3,500.00. (depends on size and design)


Landscape Maintenance

Don’t have time to trim your bushes or trees? Let our professionals help so that you can save your weekends for more enjoyable activities! Call us now before it gets too late!

Shrub and bush trimming start at $250.00, depending on the number of bushes. Services can also be bundled into a package to include mowing, fertilization, weed control and landscape bed weed control.

Other maintenance services include but are not limited to mowing, aeration, overseeding, weed control and fertilizer, seasonal maintenance such as fall and spring cleanup and mulch installation.

Prices vary depending on the service. Give us a call to get an estimate today!

Lawn and Landscape Weed Control/Fertilization

Do you want your lawn to look like a golf course or maybe you just want to get rid of the dandelions? Either way we can help! Lawn weed control and fertilization are essential components of lawn care that help maintain a healthy and green lawn. These practices play a vital role in promoting strong turf growth while minimizing the competition from unwanted weeds. Lawn fertilizer is a blend of nutrients that support the growth and health of your turf, helping it maintain that healthy green look year after year.

Our program includes five applications per Season and Starts at $65 per application! Seasonal prepay discounts available! Call us today for your estimate!

Snow Removal/Salt

Our primary objective during the winter is to give you safe access, prevent accidents and minimize disruptions caused by snow accumulation.
We currently offer commercial snow contracts, but will offer residential contracts depending on the number of commercial contracts.

Call us for an estimate for your business today!

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